Buying a house is typically the biggest purchase couples make. Learn how you can get the best deal with your house and mortgage and save tens of thousands of dollars!  Saving Enough to Buy a House Are you two getting ready to start house hunting? Congratulations! When we were looking for our current house, I remember […]

It has been a BUSY week for us. I met up with a real estate agent and the credit union to get information and begin the home selling buying process. We now have a loan pre-approval so we can start the process of looking at homes in the area. However we want to make sure […]

Getting a mortgage takes a bit of work and while it’s not rocket science to apply, it’s not something you can do overnight. If you plan on buying a house with a mortgage loan, you have to meet certain qualifications. Having a Down Payment is Only Part of It When we applied for a mortgage, […]

Amortization is a method that lenders use to allocate payments of the life of the mortgage that takes into account the principle and the interest. What is Amortization for Mortgages? For a fixed-rate mortgage, the payment amount remains constant over the life of the loan. For mortgages, in the beginning of your loan most of the money goes towards […]

Hunting for a Great Mortgage Interest Rate We’re in the process of buying a town house (met with another mortgage broker last week) and we’re trying to be as informed as we possibly can. This weekend while we were out of town,  I was looking up information about mortgages and reading paperwork from the bank […]