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Big Tax Refunds: A Win or Fail?

Tax season is here and for many families that means receiving a tax refund. Did you know that last year the average tax refund was $2895? That’s a nice chunk of change that you can use to pay down debts, build up savings, or invest with some leftover to have a small splurge. But is having […]

Paying Off $100k of Debt without Feeling Deprived

When you’re dealing with six figures of debt, paying it off, not only seems like an impossible task, but one of deprivation. Today we’re going to hear from one family on how they became debt-free while still enjoying life. Dumping $100,000 of Debt as a Family Getting rid of debt takes effort. When you’re talking […]

When You Can’t Agree on How to Pay Off Your Debt

Want to pay off your debt, but you can’t agree on how to do it? Learn how one couple stopped fighting about money, found a system they both loved and dumped $100k of debt!  How to Stop Fighting About Money For most couples, coming up with a budget, paying down debt, or saving for a […]

Paying Off Over $100,000 of Credit Card Debt Together

Are you two stressed out over a large amount of debt? Learn the key strategies and tactics Travis and Vonnie used to pay off over $100,000 of credit card debt together! How to Pay Off a Large Debt Together How invested are you in your marriage and your money? I know, kind of a weird […]

Pay off Debts or Build an Emergency Fund First?

Two common goals for couples are paying off their debts and having a financial cushion. Sometimes, though, it can be frustrating because you don’t know which do first. You may want to have some savings stashed away for emergencies while your spouse wants to tackle your debts. How do you find a system that works for […]

How to Stay Motivated with Paying Off Debt

Dealing with a mountain of debt? Use these tips to stay motivated so you can reach your debt free goals faster! Today is a good day. As I went to check our accounts and schedule some payments, I noticed that our federal and state tax refunds finally came in. Like I mentioned Monday, we sat down […]

Making Sure Your Family Financial Goals Fit You

While there is a ton of advice out there about how to pay down debt, save more, buy a house, and start a family, not all of it is good. I’m a big believer that personal finance is well, personal. Sure there are some guiding principles that are behind the successes, but a big key […]

Ask the Readers: Consolidating Debts?

One of my favorite personal finance blogs is Free Money Finance. This week FMF shared one reader’s money question and I thought it would be interesting to share with you guys. You’ve had some great thoughts and solutions in the past, so I’d love to get your take with this. Is Consolidating Debts a Smart […]