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Can I Retire? Review

When I was at the Financial Blogger Conference last month, I got to meet many personal finance bloggers, representatives from banks and financial sites, and authors. One blogger/author attending the conference was Mike Piper from Oblivious Investor. In addition to running the site he’s written seven personal finance book, including the one I’m reviewing today – Can I Retire? […]

Asset Allocation and Your Age – What You Need to Know

Want to set up your retirement accounts, but don’t know where to start? One of the most effective ways to reach your goals is make sure your accounts are properly allocated. What’s Asset Allocation? The main idea behind proper asset allocation is maximizing your portfolio’s return while minimizing your risk. While maximizing returns seems clear, […]

Year End Review 2010: What We Could’ve Improved

Earlier this week, I wrote about our income streams and big expenses in 2010. It was fun to look back and see where our money came from and where we directed it towards. Being conscious of your finances can be a big step in improving them. I wanted to continue on the topic and look at […]