retirement planning

How to Talk with Your Parents About Their Money

Learn how you can talk to your parents about money, their retirement, and beyond with less stress! Helping Your Parents Prepare for Retirement and Beyond We talk about how to discuss money as a couple and make those conversations less stressful. And I hope you two feel more relaxed when you’re talking about your goals […]

Retirement Planning: How to Get Back on Track

Around 82% of Americans said their finances were affected by the pandemic and the fallout according to a recent Fidelity survey. If you’re planning on retiring in a few years, that can be a really scary thing. I want to share a resource that can help you get back on track with your retirement plan!  […]

Retirement Planning for Real Life

Feel like you have not enough time (or money!) to plan for retirement? Learn step by step how you two can rock your retirement and still have fun now!  Rock Your Retirement Planning Let me ask you two questions – What are you going to be doing during retirement? How much money do you think you […]

Smart Retirement Moves for 20Somethings

Retirement planning is usually not on the minds of most twenty-somethings. There is just so much on your plate: family, bills to pay, including student and car loans. You’re trying to build an emergency fund and possibly saving up for a house. Retirement is so far away in your timeline, it’s tempting to put it off or […]

How Much Money Do You Need to Retire?

I’ve written how I had gotten a ballpark figure before, using financial calculators and basing assumptions on averages and historical data. I still believe it’s better to have some goal for how much to save than to just go without a plan. However, if you can get smarter with your target number, than go for […]

Limited Investment Options in 401(k)s

I’ve written before about taking a 401(k) match if your employer offers it and we’ve been blessed that my husband has such a plan and match at his job.   It’s basically free money so he puts in enough to get the match. Making the Most of Your 401(k) However, when some invest in their company’s […]

How Much Do We Need to Retire?

When we did our taxes a couple years back, we were advised to contribute more to retirement. She explained to us that it could lower our taxable income and set aside our money for retirement. We’ve taken her advice and have been contributing towards our retirement. Figuring Out How Much We Need to Retire The […]

How to Automate Your Savings and Retirement Easily

I’ve talked a bit before about starting your retirement planning while you’re young. While that’s an important part of your finances, that’s not the only thing you should work on. Automating your savings, bills, and retirement can ease your stress and help you build your net worth more quickly. Our Automated Finances Here are some […]