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How to Save More Than Half Your Income

Looking to hit your money goals faster? Today we’ll share one couple’s best tips that allowed them to save half their income!  How to Save More Than Half Your Income Did you know that ‘saving more’ was one of the top three goals for finances for 2022? Actually as I’ve been reviewing the data from […]

3 Key Ways Families Can Save More Money

Does your family budget feel tight? Learn three key ways on how you can save hundreds of dollars each month raising your kids and still having fun! Financial Freedom Through Saving More I know that financial independence is a buzzword in the personal finance sphere. You got stories where people are saving 60, 70% of […]

Save $100 This Week (and Beyond)

Like I promised last week,  I’m tackling your most pressing money goals here on Couple Money. Since saving for emergencies is a priority for many readers, I want to go ahead and give you some practical ways you can get $100 this week. Even if you don’t have a ton of time, most of these […]