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Ready to knock out your student loans, but not sure what’s the best approach? Learn about your options and what you need to know to create a plan that works for you! Know Your Options to Pay Off Your Student Loans Faster Should you pay off your student loans faster? The answer depends on a […]

Feeling trapped by your student loans? Get the strategies, tactics, and resources to help you pay yours off faster!  Pay Off Your Student Loans Depending on where you are on your financial journey, you may be dealing with student loans. Right now 40 million Americans hold student loans. One report had estimated that the class […]

Sick and tired of your student loans? Do they seem to be nudging down too slowly while draining your monthly budget? Learn the best strategies and tactics to pay your student loans off faster! Dealing with Student Loans Student loans can be a weight on your monthly budget. The average student loan debt from a four-year public […]

Drowning from all your student loans? Jay Fleischman, an attorney who specializes in student loans and bankruptcy, goes over different options to help the two of you stay afloat! Dumping Student Loan Debt   Student loans can be a big monthly burden. Right now the average debt per borrower is$28,400! Student loans can affect more than just your bank […]

It’s been a bit since I shared our student loan balance and since there is a new provider, I’ll update you on how things are going. There is change with payments that the new loan service provider notified me about this week. Adjusting Our Student Loan Payments When we were with the old student loan […]

As we were getting ready to go on a trip this weekend, I decided to go ahead and get some posts outlined. One of them was for March’s net worth review (wanted to give an update on the student loan). I logged in to see what the current balance was. My balance showed $0. I checked the payment history and […]

Another month is wrapping up and happy to see some more progress made on the student loan. It’s one of our financial goals for 2013 and it looks like we’re going to exceed our original plan. Last year we sent in $3,244 for the student loan payments. That’s an average of $270/month. Not bad, but we felt […]

Time for an update on our student loan project! May was great with cash only lunch challenge I had with myself. I managed to cut my eating out budget by more than half. I had so much fun doing it, I’m continuing it this month and beyond. Scheduling Regular and Bonus Payments Since we’ve been […]