Tax 101 Tip: Have the Correct Filing Status on Your Tax Return

Are you ready for taxes?! Alright, I admit, taxes aren’t the most exciting thing to do on the weekend, but knocking them out quickly means that one huge to do item off our list. We started getting notifications from some of our financial institutions that some tax documents are ready. I opened a folder to […]

Tax Brackets and Effective Tax Rates: What You Need to Know

Want to maximize your taxes? Learn how tax brackets works and legit ways on how you can lower your taxable income and qualify for a bigger tax refund! With January here, taxes are on our minds. Over the last few years, we’ve developed a rhythm and system. As the paperwork comes in I stash it […]

3 Smart Ways Your Tax Refund Can Boost Your Wealth

Expected a tax refund this year? Learn how you can enjoy it now and set yourselves up to build wealth! This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my full disclosure for more info.  Want to Get the Most from Your Tax Refund? You can watch this week’s video here or you can read below […]

Want to Get the Biggest Refund You Deserve? Here’s the Key!

Looking to get the biggest refund you deserve? Learn how taxable income works and how you come out ahead with your finances!  You’ll see many sites advising you to lower your taxable income. What exactly does that mean? Which part of your income is taxable? Taxable Income and You Quite simply how much you owe on […]

Get More Money in Your Paycheck: Calculate Your W-4 Withholding

How would you like to have more money in your paycheck? Today I share how properly calculating your withholding can help you win with your finances. I spoke to Bob Meighan, TurboTax’s Vice President and CPA, the other week about ways to lower your tax bill and more. He mentioned a huge blindspot couples have when it […]