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We’ve been expecting a direct deposit on our tax refund for the past week. Since we’re taking the home buyer’s tax credit, we’ve been eagerly checking our account for the direct deposit.

This isn’t the first time we’ve had a tax refund not come in as planned.

Types of Notices and Letters Sent by IRS

The good news is that IRS does have a list of the types of letters they send out to tax payers so you can figure out quickly by simply looking at the top right of the first page for the form letter and number.

I was a bit nervous, but after reading it I saw that it was simply a request for more information.

Notice or Letter Number Title
CP 11 Changes to Tax Return, Balance Due
CP 11A Changes to Tax Return and Earned Income Credit, Balance Due
CP 12 Changes to Tax Return, Overpayment
CP 14 Balance Due
CP 21B Data Processing Adjustment Notice, Overpayment of $1 or more
CP 22A Data Processing Adjustment Notice, Bal Due of $5 or more, Balance Due
CP 22E Examination Adjustment Notice, Balance Due
CP 23 Estimated Tax Discrepancy, Balance Due
CP 49 Overpaid Tax Applied to Other Taxes You Owe
CP 57 Notice of Insufficient Funds
CP 88 Delinquent Return Refund Hold
CP 90/CP 297 Final Notice – Notice of Intent to Levy and Notice of Your Right to a Hearing
CP 297A Notice of Levy and Notice of Your Right to a Hearing
CP 91/CP 298 Final Notice Before Levy on Social Security Benefits
CP 161 Request for Payment or Notice of Unpaid Balance, Balance Due
CP 501 Reminder Notice – Balance Due
CP 503 Second Request Notice – Balance Due
CP 504 Final Notice – Balance Due
CP 521 Installment Agreement Reminder Notice
CP 523 Notice of Default on Installment Agreement
CP 2000 Notice of Proposed Adjustment for Underpayment/Overpayment
Letter 0484C Collection Information Statement Requested (Form 433F/433D); Inability to Pay/Transfer
Letter 0549C Balance Due on Account is Paid
Letter 668D(LP 68) We released the taxpayer’s levy.
Letter 0681C Proposal to Pay Accepted
Letter 0757C Installment Privilege Terminated
Letter 1058 (LT 11) Final Notice prior to levy; your right to a hearing
Letter 1615 (LT 18) Mail us your overdue tax returns.
Letter 1731 (LP 64) Please help us locate a taxpayer.
Letter 1737 (LT 27) Please complete and site Form 433F, Collection Information Statement.
Letter 1961C Installment Agreement for Direct Debit 433-G
Letter 1962C Installment Agreement Reply to Taxpayer
Letter 2050 (LT 16) Please call us about your overdue taxes or tax return.
Letter 2257C Balance Due Total to Taxpayer
Letter 2271C Installment Agreement for Direct Debit Revisions
Letter 2272C Installment Agreement Cannot be Considered
Letter 2273C Installment Agreement Accepted: Terms Explained
Letter 2318C Installment Agreement: Payroll Deduction (F2159) Incomplete
Letter 2357C Abatement of Penalties and Interest
Letter 2603C Installment Agreement Accepted – Notice of Federal Tax Lien Will be Filed
Letter 2604C Pre-assessed Installment Agreement
Letter 2761C Request for Combat Zone Service Dates
Letter 2789C Taxpayer Response to Reminder of Balance Due
Letter 2822C VRU Acceptance of Proposal to Pay (30,60,90, 120 days)
Letter 2823C VRU Monthly Payment Plan Confirmation
Letter 2840C CC IAPND Installment Agreement Confirmation
Letter 3030C Balance Due Explained:Tax/Interest Not Paid
Letter 3127C Revision to Installment Agreement
Letter 3217C Installment Agreement Accepted: Terms Explained
Letter 3228 (LT 39) Reminder notice.
Letter 4903 (LT 26) We have no record of receiving your tax returns.
Letter LP 47 Address Information Request
Letter LP 59 Please contact us about the taxpayer levy.

Source: IRS

We received a LTR4612C which basically requested that we sent some documentation that they were missing. It seemed pretty simple, but we wanted to confirm with the IRS before we sent the information through the mail.

I called the number listed on the letter and had to wait a bit even after I went through their automated system.

I stopped by the Post Office this afternoon and paid extra to use certified mail. I’ll check online in a few days to see if it was delivered. Unfortunately, it can take an additional 6-8 weeks before we see our tax refund.

If you’re curious with the process, you should check out Publication 594 ( The IRS Collection Process).

Checking the Status of Your Tax Refund

If you haven’t received your tax return or you’re curious, just go to the IRS’ site and enter your information. How about you? Have you’ve received your tax refund yet?

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  1. Hey,
    I’ve not received or am I planning on receiving any money on my return. Two reasons.
    1. I haven’t filed yet (deadline in Canada is hmm… tomorrow)
    2. I’m self employed and am not on installments, so I pay at tax time.

    Tough to give a decent chunk to the government all at once, but I prefer to earn interest on the tax savings account than to loan the money to the government every month just to get some of it back.

    Well, we’ll see you soon,

  2. I don’t know whether to thank you or curse you right now. I went to check my refund status and I’ve been informed I made a “math error” and now I went from expecting a small refund to owing over $6000. I am supposed to get a detailed letter dated May 3. I cannot imagine what math error I could have made to owe this much, especially considering how much we already paid out of our paychecks!

  3. @Guy G.: Thanks for sharing your thoughts on taxes. I’m not familiar with taxes in Canada, so I wasn’t aware of their deadline.

    I’m grateful that most of our tax refund is the $8,000 tax credit. I pay estimated taxes quarterly and we try to be conservative with our withholdings. I’d rather get a small refund than owe them money.

    @Hillarie: I’m sorry to hear about the math error. I would definitely go over that letter with a fine tooth comb. It’s quite possible that some information is missing and you could send that in and the IRS can recalculate.

  4. I checked on Weds and had an error code. After spending 20mins waiting the IRS agent (who was very nice) informed that there was an error in transmitting my return! So a quick call to my CPA and they resubmitted it.

    When would I have known!? I feel like someone is to blame here. lol

  5. I too got a letter asking for a Schedule to be sent. However, I had sent it with everything else! After over 2 hours on the phone I found out that the way I had done the schedule, the way THEY had told me to 17 years ago, the way I had done it every year since, is no longer acceptable. There’s no inkling of a change in the instructions, and when I mentioned this to the final IRS person I talked to he said “The instructions really aren’t for people to use to fill out the forms. We expect people to have a professional fill these out.” Anyway, I redid the thing and sent it and now we have to wait another 8 weeks for our refund.

  6. Always want more from you, don’t they :).

    Sucks to have to wait but at least it’s coming still!

  7. I completed our taxes using Turbo Tax back in March. I e-filed and received, via direct deposit, our refund in about a week. I hope your refund comes soon.

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