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Top Banks with the Highest Interest Saving Accounts

Bank Rate (APY) Minimum Deposit Sign Up
Ally Bank .95% No Minimum Open an account with Ally Bank
Capital 360 .75 % No Minimum Open an Account with Capital 360
Discover Bank .70% $2,500 Open an account with Discover Bank

Why You Need a High Interest Savings Account

Having a savings system can help you reach your goals sooner while giving you a financial cushion. We have a few goals that we save for including:

If you are saving you want your hard earned money, please double check that the account:

Many online banks offer rates higher than brick and mortar options because they do not have the overhead costs of running branches, so you get better rates. We have taken advantage of this by contributing to our savings regularly with automatic transfers. It's easy and we speed up the process for reaching our family's financial goals.

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