Here are the biggest money issues that married couples have (along with tips on how to fix them).

Managing Money – Mine, Yours, Ours

While each couple has their own individual way of mixing things together there are generally three ways to divvy money up:

  • Joint
  • Separate
  • Hybrid

However, you handle your finances there are two crucial things you need to keep in mind.

  1. No secret accounts. If you two are truly a team working together, you both need to know the big picture.
  2. Both of you need to be on board. You might be the go-to numbers person or it might be your spouse but either way both of you need to know what’s going on with your money.

Control Issues

Along the same vein of managing money, stressed out couples typically have fought over who has a say in the budget and day to day expenses.

Some couples grant financial say based on income earned. This is a toxic way to handle things and can erode your relationship and harm your finances.

Input should NEVER be based on impact when it comes to handling money as a couple.

Spending Money

We all value things differently.

So many skip out on talking about the finances and hope their fights stop and their problems go away.

They don't. They just get worse.

One of the best things you can do is go on money dates. They're fun, low key ways to talk about money together.

Money is simply a tool. You can use it to achieve your dreams or you can waste it. What do you two want?

Travel more? Start a business? Knock out your debt? All of the above?

With money dates, you come up with a plan together and have regular check in with each other to keep things on track.

Dealing with Debt

Both of you will need to consider the debts you have. From student loans to car loans, credit cards and any other debt you have, it’s important that your spouse knows and is aware.

This way, money can be spent and saved each month, depending on the amount of money you both put towards paying off your debt.

Which is another issue couples have – how fast do you pay off your debts?

Financial Infidelity

More couples hide money than I imagined.

recent survey found that 6% of Americans keep a secret bank account or credit card from their spouse.

Many times, it’s not because someone is trying to ruin their marriage. they can be hiding these accounts or expenses because they have a sending problem and they’re ashamed to admit it.

Family and Finances

When we marry we gain a bigger family. And sometimes that's an added stress to your relationship, especially if money is involved.

Asking some hard questions and really paying attention to the answers can help you find the best solution.

  • Have you noticed that they constantly go to you to get financial help? 
  • Can you really afford to help them?
  • How does your spouse feel?

You may find after talking it over that your family needs help with finances, but not by giving or loaning money.

The Key to Fixing Your Money Issues

The bottom line is money issues are a symptom of a bigger problem – not having a way to communicate openly as a couple.