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Travel Hacks: How to Pack and Save on Baggage Fees

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If you're going on vacation in summer and you're traveling by plane, watch out for baggage fees. According to Airfare Watch Dog, baggage fees for your first checked bag can range from $20-$35 and a second checked bag can be $35-$60.

Spirit Airlines passengers also need to be aware that AirFare notes that:

if you change planes, you may be charged for each leg for all these fees.

Keep more of your money by minimizing waste and maximizing your bags' storage for your upcoming vacations.

Packing Tips for Stuff

When we traveled to Los Angeles for E3 a couple of years I shared some advice on packing for trips.

Rolling our clothes has definitely helped and we’re able to fit more in the same bag. Of course, just packing more isn't the solution. Just pack a few multiuse articles of clothing with colors that can go with many outfits.

Thoughts on Packing for Vacation

Even if you're driving to your destination, you can still save money by packing right and keeping it light. Less weight on your car can improve your gas mileage by a bit.

I'd love to hear from you. How light (or much) do you pack for vacations? What tips do you have for packing smart on trips?

Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

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