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Don’t Get Sucked Into a Timeshare Trap

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Before you get tempted to buy a timeshare with their presentation, make sure you have all the facts. 

What is a Timeshare?

A timeshare is a type of ownership whereby a group of people share use of a property for a specific period.

There are several types of timeshares:

Please note that timeshare owners can also pay annual fees whether they use it or not.

The Pressures of Timeshare Presentation

How does a timeshare presentation work? What can you expect from them they a good deal?

We found out firsthand a few years back when we went on vacation Florida.

We left the tour and claimed our Universal Studio passes. The rest of the vacation was great and we put the tickets to good use.

We also decided then and there NEVER to do a timeshare presentation again.

It's not a good deal. You're better off using rentals like Airbnb or
HomeAway then getting stuck with a timeshare.

Stuck with a Timeshare, What Now?

What if you already own a timeshare and it's a financial burden than the dream vacation spot that you imagined, what can you do?

You can try and sell your timeshare and see if you can offload it.

There are a few things you can do to maximize your sale price, such as:

Thoughts on Time Shares

How many of you have went to a timeshare presentation? How did it turn out? If you own a time share, do you use it regularly?

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