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Best Ideas for an Affordable Family Vacation

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Do you want to go on a fabulous family vacation, but you’re still paying down debt? Learn how you can save big on your next getaway while still knocking out your debt!

Saving Up for a Fun and Frugal Family Vacation

When’s your spring break?

Our oldest has hers next month, but she’s already counting down the days.

There’s something we love about having a little getaway as a family.

The challenge for families that are on their debt free journey is how to make it work.

‘How do we take family vacations while we’re still paying off debt?’

I totally get it.

You’re not going to put your life on hold just because you’re in debt.

That said, you’re going to have to get savvy with how you plan your trip.

In this episode, we’ll discuss:

Let’s get started!

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Resources for Affordable Family Vacations

Looking for ways to save on your next family getaway? Here are some fantastic resources to check out:

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This episode was originally released in May 2019 Show notes have been updated in May 2021

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