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How to Pack for Vacations

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I'm not fond of flying mainly because of the uncertainty of customer service we'll get. We've had wonderful service and we've had some bad service that I hope we avoid this trip.

I would like to have everything in 2 carry on bags and since this is only for a week, we should be able to pull this off.

Packing light on vacations can reduce stress, you have less to worry about.

Our Packing List

Besides underwear and socks, I wanted to include our packing list as a reminder for us and a way to keep us focused.

I'll update this when we pack for the trip to see if I keep to the plan.

Carry-on #1

His Stuff

Carry-On #2

I plan on layering my outfits and keeping the shirts light.

My Stuff

Packing for every possible scenario will increase your luggage haul, drive you crazy, and will be a waste of time. Worldwide travelers will many time recommend keeping it simple.

Packing Tips for Stuff

When we vacationed before, I went to Wiki How and picked up on some great packing advice that I still use.

Rolling our clothes has definitely helped and we're able to fit more in the same bag.

United Checked Baggage and Carry On Policies and Fees

Checked Baggage

Carry On

To qualify as a carry on, you must follow United's guidelines, which say your bag:

For more information, check out United's site for the latest prices.

Your Thoughts on Packing for Vacations

I know some of you are regular travels, so I hoping you have some advice on packing light. What are your favorite must-pack items?

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