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This is a money saving tip for the 50/50 Challenge.

Wherever you are traveling in the world you will be sure to find an application that will help you to save some money, budget better and find wonderful places to enjoy food, drink and entertainment.

8 Money Saving Apps for Travel

Below are some of the applications that have helped me the most over the past year or so and some of the ones that I would firmly recommend.

Learning a Language

If you are traveling abroad, particularly to a European country, then you will find a fantastic application for allowing you to learn some of the most common European languages.

Learning some basic phrases is a fantastic way to allow yourself to haggle over prices and negotiate yourself the best deal with taxis, hotels and various other things will abroad.

Looking for Somewhere to Eat

If you are looking for somewhere to eat and do not have any particular recommendations or areas that you have visited before then check Urbanspoon or Opentable (USA & Canada).

They are both fantastic applications that allow you to search by location, price and cuisine type. This is an easy way to find some delightful eateries while on holiday.

Working Out Your Currency

While abroad it is sometimes hard to work out the price of something, particularly when feeling hurried, so currency app is a fantastic way to do this in just a few seconds.

This will allow you to work out over 100 currencies into your home currency and will show you the rough cost of anything that you are wanting to purchase.

The newest exchange rates are downloaded from the internet when you have access but you can use this application with no internet connection at all.thinking of taking a trip soon? Here are the 8 best travel apps to help you save money and have an incredible time on your next vacation!

Finding Your Way Along the Road

If driving in the USA then you can download the app Trapster to give you an idea of road hazards.

If you are driving in Europe, particularly for the first time, then infographic is a fantastic way to read the rules of the road to ensure that you are complying with local rules and regulations when on your travels.

Budgeting Your Money

When on holiday it is sometimes quite hard to keep a track of what you have spent, and what on, so Expensify is a fantastic way to do this in just a few seconds.

You may even take pictures of your receipts to ensure that you can document everything in just a few seconds and with minimal typing and fuss.

Limit Your Data Usage

If you do not have access to wi-fi when abroad and it is essential to use your data roaming (often quite expensive abroad) then you can download Onavo which will allow you to reduce the amount of data usage that you need to use, this could save you a small fortune on your phone bill and ensure that you can use your data when you need to and only when you need to.

Keep in Touch with Home

When away it is quite common for people to want to keep in touch with family and friends now and Skype is the perfect way to do this.

You can communicate via webcam and microphone, free to a computer, and for a small fee you can send text messages or call people with Skype Credit.

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  1. These are some awesome tips, Elle. Great job! I’ll be sure to bookmark this page so that when I get a chance to travel overseas I’ll be prepared! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  2. ShopSavvy is an incredibly useful app for comparison shoppers. Simply scan the barcode with your phone and it allows you to compare prices for the same product online and in stores. You can set up price alerts, create product wish lists and even share deals with friends. Available for Android and iPhone.

  3. Although waving your smartphone around can be potentially quite troublesome, travel apps can be useful and take the stress out of certain situations during your holiday as well as save you money.