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New York City Trip Recap

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I've been relatively quiet online lately – we're heading back from an anniversary trip and I wanted to unplug and relax this time. 

I thought it'd be helpful to recap our trip expenses and highlight some deals we found. Hopefully, it'll help you out with your next vacation.

Finding a Good Hotel Deal

While hunting for a place to stay at for our NYC trip, I noticed that prices were much higher than our vacation budget, so I started widening out our scope. After getting a tip, I decided to look into Newark for a place to stay.

With a PATH station in Newark, it's cheap to get into the city ($1.75 each way).  We found a great deal on for the Ramada Plaza for around $40/night.

It had a free shuttle service from the airport and an NJ transit bus was close by ($1.50 fare).  The hotel was comfortable and had a 24-hour shop that was helpful for late-night snacks.

Flying to Newark

We then went to search for some reasonable airfare. We used Priceline to book our flight and we were happy to get $160 round-trip tickets for each of us. I had saw some specials with JetBlue, but the dates just missed our trip's.

It was my first time on Continental and their service was fine. While I wished my seat had a bit more room to move around, it wasn't a big deal on a short flight. My advice is to get a small bag of snacks because you only get mini-pretzels on the flight which was not satisfying for me.

Packing for the NYC Trip

We have no desire to pay for our luggage, so we packed well and kept it easy. We purposely left room because we wanted to do a little bit of shopping in the city. We picked a few things off of Canal St and Broadway.

\Next time I would've left the laptop at home and grabbed a netbook. It would've been much lighter and still covered all my needs for the trip.

Thoughts on Vacations

This little getaway gave me some time to plan out some goals here on Couple Money. I'm also going to do a big Year End Review this week to recap the year in terms of our finances.

I think it's kind of interesting to see what went right, what went wrong, and where we're going to go from here. I'd love to get you feedback and more importantly, hear about your triumphs and trials this past year.

Photo by Roberto Vivancos from Pexels

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