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This week's review is from Los Angeles. It's exciting because E3 is happening this week! My husband and I love to play video games, so E3 is something we look forward to.

I'm trying to juggle catching some games from the World Cup, sight seeing, and catching up with E3 events. We'll figure something out.

Our trip here was red eye, but pleasant. My husband seems to be perfectly adjusted to West Coast time, but I'm not feeling 100%. I think I might be a bit jet lagged and I'm hoping it wear off later today.

If there are any personal finance bloggers in the area, please send me a message on Twitter.

Personal Finance and Video Game Posts

Of course, since it's E3 week, I'm going to have to share some of my favorite posts combining video games and finances.

E3 Events to Watch

To get idea of what's going on I've favorited G4's E3 page to get the latest information. Here are some of the big events:

  • Sony Press Conference
  • Nintendo Press Conference
  • Microsoft Press Conference
  • EA Press Conference
  • Ubisoft Press Conference

I'm planning to include some events and updates here on the site this week along with some E3 themed financial posts too.

I hope you guys have a great weekend!

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  1. Evan, I really enjoyed reading your posts! My husband is a huge fan of Zelda, so that post is definitely up his alley. 🙂