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We had an incredible time at E3 yesterday! There were a ton of people who were just excited as I was to see the latest and the greatest in the electronic entertainment industry.


Hanging in line for Nintendo

Hanging in line for Nintendo


Hanging Out at Nintendo's Booth

As soon as the doors opened, I went directly to the booth for Nintendo to get in line for the Nintendo 3DS. The line was incredibly long, even with getting a good spot. Was it worth it?

Most definitely! I loved it!

Once you got in to the Nintendo 3DS area, there were plenty of games and movie trailers to try out. I loved Starfox and found it even more exciting as a 3D game. The Nintendo 3DS is going to be backwards compatible for previous DS games.

After messing around with the 3DS I stayed nearby and explored the rest of the Nintendo booth and was trying out the new Zelda title, Skyward Sword.

G4 Live at E3

The great thing about having G4 at E3 was being there live for shows. We hung around the audience and then got to watch all the hosts. Maybe you'll see the top of my head (as I jump behind all the tall people) on TV. 🙂

Besides being at the temporary studio, they were also on the E3 floor. I was really excited to get a quick picture with Adam Sessler. He's incredibly nice in person. All the hosts were extremely busy, but cordial. I'm hoping to have pictures with the rest of them.

E3 Day 1 Reviews

How many of you guys are here in Los Angeles? If you're at E3 too, please share your take on the conference yesterday. There was way too much for me to check out, but I'll try to catch up today on the exhibit floor.

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