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E3: Day 2 Review

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The fun continued at E3 as I got to explore the exhibit floor a bit more. Music was the big theme of my day as I got to try out some music themed games.

Rock Band 3

If you've haven't gotten into Rock Band too much, but you love music then I think Rock Band 3 will be something to check out.

Besides the new addition of the keyboard, I was really excited to see that you can actually learn how to play the music for your favorite Rock Band songs on the new PRO mode.

They have a guitar that is able to be a controller for the game and you can just play plugged into an amp. With 2,000 songs available by the end of the year, you'll definitely appreciate Harmonix's  new song selection system.

I think moving closer to being able to play music outside of the game is a great move and I noticed other rock based games on moving towards that.

I've added Rockband 3 to my buy list for when it comes out later this year. I loved it and I think it would be great for the both of us.

Dance Central

As we exited the Rock Band demo and chat, we were introduced to a new title from Harmonix – Dance Central. Using Kinect from the Xbox 360, players can dance along to some of their favorite hits without having a controller.

I tried the demo and got on a small stage for a free Dance Central towel. It was a lot of fun even though I'm not the best dancer. I really think will be  a big hit and a great way to exercise.

E3 Day 2 Review

If you’re at E3 too, please share your take on yesterday. I'm amazed at how much what was out there on the exhibit floor.

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