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E3 is happening this week, I thought it would be great to incorporate video games with this week's posts.

Are you as focused as Shepard?

Are you as focused as Shepard?

Have ever felt overwhelmed when dealing with finances? Have you've considered creative approaches to meeting those challenges?

Believe it or not, Mass Effect has some good financial advice tucked away with the game. I'm sharing a few of them. :D

Financial Tidbits from Mass Effect

Commander Shepard: Commander Shepard looks to build formidable teams whenever he is going up against impossible odds.

Each member on the team brings their own strengths and the Commander knows that he'll need all of them to succeed.

Mass Effect – A Team to Tackle Finances

Ashley Williams: First discovered as the sole survivor, Ashley knows that you have to think on your feet.

You may have noticed that life (and finances) don't always according to plan, so you have a small emergency fund ($1,000 to one month's expenses) ready to deal with them. It may not be enough sometimes, but it's better than nothing.

Kaidan Alenko: I love Kaidan, but he worries way too much. He still follows through and that definitely means something.  He's a true team player and helps tremendously with the mission.

Do you have a financial game plan as a couple? When you create a budget is it truly a joint effort or do things have to be done your way? Even you don't completely agree with one another's viewpoint, are you willing to occasionally out your spouse and or family ahead of you?

Miranda Lawson: Miranda is a highly skilled and trained Cerberus agent, who has a plan for practically everything. Even though she can't predict what will happen with every mission, it sure seems that way.

Being prepared with your finances means having a realistic budget or spending plan. Have you created a well thought out budget? Do you take into account discretionary spending as well as the necessary bills?

Urdnot Wrex :Wrex knows firsthand that big change takes time. As the new clan leader over the Krogans, he has to change the traditions of his people while maintaining their culture.

Building and using a debt snow ball is not easy by any means. It takes commitment to change your bad financial habits. You have to find a way to fund your snowball and grow it until you're completely debt free.

Your Thoughts on Creative Ways to Tackle Finances

I'm curious – do you have a video game that you enjoy? What creative ways can you connect your favorite games and finances? If you played either Mass Effect game, what character would you add to the list and why?

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