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Saving Money on Video Games

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Last night after having a wonderful dinner at one of our favorite Thai restaurants, my husband and I decided to stop by Game Stop. We decided to pick up Arkham City.

How We Buy Our Video Games

We both enjoy playing video games and it was a title we were looking forward to for this year. It's a been about awhile since we grabbed a game on the opening week. It has to be a title that we're absolutely excited about.

Typically we wait until it's been out for a bit to take advantage of the lower, used game prices. We've even waited until they become Platinum hits ($15 or less).

When we were in Virginia, one of our favorite stores for picking them up from a local store called Cool Stuff. They had a wide selection of games, movies, and TV shows that we could get in great condition. As college students and then as new graduates it was a great option for us.

We also exchange games with friends and family. We have shared games we've finished and swap out with my brother in law a few times. It's a win0win – We get to play different games without going broke.

Our Collection

We've created a little collection of games for our family. We rely on friends’ personal reviews to get an idea if we should check out a game or not. I tend to gravitate towards RPGs and my husband has a wider net of games he enjoys.

X Box 360

Nintendo Wii

We haven't gotten any new titles for this system in a long time.

PlayStation 3

Thoughts on Video Games

How many of you are gamers? Which titles are your favorites? Which have been major disappointments (*cough* The Force Unleashed 2) for you? How do you keep your spending in check?

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