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What We Spend Money On: Video Games

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I was messing around Bundle for a post idea and I got distracted by checking out the charts on how other couples spend their money in Raleigh.

What a great cupcake!

It kind of inspired me for a post here on Couple Money. I was thinking I could share some of our discretionary expenses from time to time. It would be a way for you to see what we enjoy and maybe you can share some of your hobbies and entertainment.

I decided to start off with video games as they are something we both enjoy and have made some big purchases on.

Nintendo Wii

We got the Wii right before we got married. I know this because I met one of my best friends as she and her husband were camping outside of a store to get the system when it first came out. My husband introduced me to his friends and dropped off the money to buy the system.

I knew she'd be someone cool to hang out with. She wasn't just there to be with her husband; she was there because she really liked video games.

As you can see, many of the games are not new. We'll get some more games, but first my husband has to send in the Wii to get the video card taken care of. We wanted to wait until after we moved in and we were settled, so he'll be sending it out soon.

I enjoy the party games because they can entertain a whole group at our place.

X Box 360

I admit, our motivation to go ahead and get the XBox 360 was The Force Unleashed. I was excited about the game and I wanted to play it as soon as it came out. We got a good deal on the console and we started off with Burnout and Fable 2. From there, we picked up games every couple of months.

We rely on friends' personal reviews to get an idea if we should check out a game or not. I tend to gravitate towards RPGs and my husband has a wider net of games he enjoys.

Your Thoughts on Video Games

Do you enjoy playing video games? What are some of your favorite titles? How do you make sure you're not overdoing it?

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