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Wedding Gift Guide

If you need some inspirations and ideas, here are some of my favorite gifts. I've grouped them by style so you can find what you want faster.

I hunted around to get a mix of different price points so you can pick up something they love without breaking your budget.

I also included some gift card options so you can let them pick whatever they need and want.


Who doesn't love a good meal? These gift will help take food to the next level.



Life is a journey and grabbing of any of these gifts will make them a lot more fun.


These are my favorite of my favs- we're geeks and so are most of our friends.

Home Decor

If your friends already have a house they own, you can help them transform it into their dream home.

Gift Card Options

Car Enthusiasts

Here are some gifts for your friends who love their cars and have a need for speed.

Gift Card Options



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