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This weekend was a double whammy – I finished a 5k challenge with some tough obstacles plus  my friend came in town for a visit and support. One of my buddies found out about the challenge and we signed up as a group. While I upped my workouts a bit; I wasn't as prepared as I should be.

All the obstacles that involved total body strength I did alright, but any test that relied on upper body strength was extremely difficult. Guess I know what I need to change with my workouts 🙂 I had so much fun; I will definitely do something like this again.

Couple Money Around the Web

Besides writing here on Couple Money I contribute at other sites as well.

  • About One->Motivating Kids to Save: One goal we have as parents is to help our baby girl appreciate saving a bit of her money as she gets older.
  • Green Panda Treehouse->Cash Spending in May Saved Me Money!: I shared the results of my cash spending for food and hopefully encouraged some college graduates to save their money when eating out.
  • GoBankingRates->The Cost of Giving Birth vs. Adopting?Whether a family grows through adoption or by giving birth, it is an emotional rewarding process. For those deciding on which route is best for them, I wanted to share some numbers.

I hope you enjoy the posts!

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If you have some free time this weekend and want some tips and information about finances, be sure to read some of these wonderful posts. They’re from tweets I’ve sent out this past week.

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Please follow me to get them as I post them. I hope you had a great weekend!


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  1. Wow, just found your blog. I was a super ninja during the 5k and had a blast! I didn’t know that you guys were in the same area. We live in North Raleigh. Maybe we could all get together and cook out and discuss married financial stuff?