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Which Car to Sell: Celica or Jetta?

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All is quiet on the Couple Money front this week. Good news is that we got the Celica back to shape again. The bad news? It cost us about $800 to get the fuel filter fixed and the catalytic converter replaced.

Now that it is fixed my husband wants to keep it and sell the  Jetta. To be honest I'm thinking the reverse – I think we should keep the Jetta and sell the Celica.

There are definitely pros and cons to sell one or the other.  The fun part is deciding which is the best move for us.

Selling the Jetta 

Some of the pros of selling the Jetta instead of the Celica are:

Selling the Celica

On the other hand, selling the Celica would be nice because:

I'm curious, which car do you think we should sell and why?

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I hope you have a great weekend with all of your loved ones!

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