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A couple of weeks ago, I received my copy of Tim Ferriss' latest book, The 4-Hour Chef.

Between my love for his previous books, the intriguing trailer, and an appreciation for Tim's thorough research and experimentation, I pre-ordered a copy as soon as it became available.

So does it live up to it's hype?

Why I Bought 4 Hour Chef

I bought the book for a few reasons, with cooking not being the main one.

  • Practical Knowledge: He's a show man for sure, but Tim has done a fantastic job in each of his books with delivering actual tactics that people can use.
  • Learning how to learn: Related to Tim's writing, I also appreciate that his books are more than the topic given on the cover. Tim's process of acquiring skills rapidly is due to his system for learning. While his other books have touched on it, this book goes into greater detail on the hows.
  • Becoming a better cook: We've taken turns with cooking since we've been married. As I picked up more recipes and techniques, I've enjoyed it more. Tim's book has been a great aid in getting me to try out a few new things and getting it done faster. Win-win for us.

Where I'm At with Four Hour Chef

I've finished the book and I love it! It's one of those books where you're highlighting something on almost every page.

Though I'm no beginner with cooking, I'm working through the scheduled meals on the Domestic section.

I'm getting a better understanding of not only the cooking process (and shaving some serious time with dinner!), I'm picking up tips on how to adjust recipes to suit our tastes.

Grab a Preview of 4 Hour Chef

If you're on the fence,  check out some snippets from the book to see if it's right for you. I love the book and I even got a second kindle copy for traveling.

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