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Chances are you're here because you care about your finances.

This week I want to highlight some tools you can use to stay on top of your money.

My Money Check Up

First up is the National Foundation for Credit Counseling's new tool, MyMoneyCheckUp.

After answering some questions about your income and debts, it will then give you a review on where you can improve your financial system.

I tried it out. It was easy to get everything in. I enjoyed seeing some of the data explained in a narrative format.

It's free and another bonus is that it is available both in English and Spanish.

Personal Capital

We use Personal Capital to give us a big picture view of our money. It's wonderful to have a free tool that can pull our numbers from all of our accounts so quickly and easily.

Personal Capital also has extra free tools you can use to optimize your investments too.

It's a fantastic free tool, so if you're juggling several accounts, go try it today!


Mint was one of the first apps we used for our finances. It was a cinch to get all of our accounts imported.

With a few clicks, you can check your monthly spending habits and get notifications if you're getting close to your spending limits.

If you're looking to hone in on one or tool areas of your spending, this is an awesome free tool. Sign up here!

Favorite Personal Finance Posts This Week

Want some extra encouragement to stay on top of your money? Here are some fantastic posts from all over the web.

Please have a great weekend!

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  1. Elle, there is a long list of people who are interested to know how their finances are doing and how they can improve it. In such situation, MyMoneyCheckUp may be right choice for them. I am interested to know your complete review about it after using it few days.