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Netbook Giveaway – Winners Announced!

hp mini ice berry

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I’m happy to announce the winners for the Financial Freedom giveaway.  Forest from Frugal Zeigiest won the grand prize! Here’s what Forest won with the giveaway:

HP Mini Ice Berry Netbook

2011 Quicken Premier

Forest will also receive a copy of 2011 Quicken Premier to help them get their finances under control.

Besides a netbook, we also had some other winners and prizes:

Congrats to all the winners! I also want to give a special thanks to all the wonderful personal finance bloggers who supported the contest and spread the word about it.

Thank you again for being a reader and member of the community! I definitely want to do another laptop giveaway this fall; they’ve been fun!

Couple Money on the Web

This week I wrote a guest post for Parenting Family Money on Credit Card Perks – Take Advantage of What You Have. If you're looking to maximizing your credit card, I've listed some features you can take advantage of now.

I also want to announce some great news for Android users – you can now get the Couple Money app on your phone. Stay up to date on the site's posts! Thanks for blog2Android for setting it up.

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Have a great weekend!

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