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It's a beautiful (but hot!) day and after hanging outside for a couple of hours, I've decided to just chill.

I've got some blog-related stuff I need to catch up on today, so I'm excited to get them done.

Podcast Interview with Foreigner's Finance!

I'm also excited about Foreigner's Finance newest podcast; I did an interview about relationships and finances.

Austin and I had a great conversation about how finances can play a positive role in it.

Foreigner's Finances newest podcast includes an interview with me!
Foreigner's Finances newest podcast includes an interview with me!

Some of the topics we covered were:

  • How I got started with personal finance blogging and Couple Money
  • How my husband I handle money
  • Handling the money talk with your significant other
  • Cheap dates and travel

I had a wonderful time doing the interview! Austin was fantastic and I felt as if we were just having a regular chat on the phone.

Please check it and take the time to browse around Foreigner's Finance if you've haven't already.

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