Staycations, Past Financial Fails, and How to Become Financially Independent

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I think this post title may be overloaded, but it's a perfect description of this past week. I will be noticeably quiet this weekend as I recharge with my family.

Last Sunday I had a wonderful pick me up when Kristia from Family Balance Sheet took a snap of a newspaper article she was reading on Staycation tips.

Guess who was included? [See the pic above :)  ]

You better believe that shared the news with my family. Cheesy, I know, but it felt awesome.

Couple Money Around the Web

Here are few things I’ve been busy with on the podcast and around the web this past week:

Becoming Financial Independent, Even as a Busy Parent

As we progress with our finances, some of our plans and goals have changed. Matt from Mom and Dad Money came on the podcast and I really felt like he nailed our thoughts on what we want our money to do.

He has a wonderful book out The New Parents’ Guide to Financial Independence which lays out how the two of you can create a family and financial plan for your own dreams and goals.

Even if you're new to investing, Matt shows you step by step how to execute your plan.

Helping Out Friends and Family On Credit

Still a little embarrassed to admit my financial fails, but I shared one of mine over at Thrifty Little Mom.

Even though I had good intentions, going into debt to help someone truly helps no one.

Thankfully I learned my lesson and have tips about helping others without ruining your own finances.


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  1. Thanks so much for the link luv! I see we’re both coming clean about #fails but using them to grow!!! I hope you recharge and all goes well with the sale.