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As I write here on Couple Money, I look for ways to discover what topics interest readers so I can include more of them on the site.

Besides comments, emails, and tweets, I also check to see what phrases on search engines bring people over. It's fascinating to see what information people are looking for.

Many times I have a post that answers their specific question, but once in a while I'll see some search terms that are unexpected.

I thought it'll be fun to share a few of these different search terms that get people to Couple Money along with my thoughts.

“the it crowd moss”

What's insane is that this is due to 1 post and it was a personal finance carnival, not a long post on the show.

I am a fan of the show so it was interesting to see that the post is showing up when people are searching for IT crowd. I also discovered that Moss is more popular than Roy in my search results.

“rich people”

I was surprised to see this term come up over the last month. I haven't written anything specifically about rich people.

I dug further and discovered that an older post was the culprit. I did a review about Siebold's book How Rich People Think.

Guess more and more people are interested in the topic.

“french cuisine”

LOL, I think this would be a better fit for my food/lifestyle blog.

One weekly links post caused a bit of traffic to come in with this term. I'll never understand the nuances of Google.

“flying baby”

Oh, no – someone catch her!

It took me a moment to figure out it was a travel post for parents, but I still can't get the image of a baby being thrown out of my head.

Those were my favorite from the past month. What about you? How many of my fellow bloggers are surprised by wayward Googlers?

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  1. Thanks for the mention and yes I get a quite a few of these wayward google queries and it is sometimes really amusing to read those.

  2. I love seeing what google searches bring people to my blog! It always surprises me which posts do well or what random search terms pop up. Sometimes I can’t figure out how they got to me.

    Thanks for the mention!

  3. Thank You for the mention!

    I’ve also looked at how people find my site, and the search terms can be quite amusing. Wrote a few posts on crazy search terms, actually!


    “can beefaroni expire?”
    “sadistic lady owns you”
    “tooth fairy actually wild”

    …and many more 🙂