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Like many this week, my thoughts and prayers were with those who have suffered in Boston, MA and West, TX.

These events are reminders that what truly matters are the people that we love, not the stuff that we buy (or in some cases borrow to buy).

This site is called Couple Money and talks about finances, but the first part is couple – family first.

Using Money to Build a Life You Love

Money is simply a tool, a powerful one at times that can be used to provide for and help one another.

If we let it, it can also get us into debt, causing us to lose sleep, spending less time with our loved ones, and having us working simply to keep up with the Joneses. It's not worth it.

Put your family first; evaluate if you really need all this STUFF. You may find that you can do with less junk so you have more time and happiness with your friends and family.

I hope the posts you read here help you get your finances in order and get more options so you can use your money for lasting good, whatever that is for you.

Favorite Personal Finance Posts This Week

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I hope you enjoy these posts as much as I have. Please have a great weekend!

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