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I'm Elle Martinez, creator and host of Couple Money.

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The mission of Couple Money is to help spouses stop fighting about money and start building a life they love together. 

Which may or may not sound like a bit of a fantasy, but it's something I'm really passionate about. 

Dumping Over $30,000 of Debt Together

I believe that money doesn't have to be a wedge in your relationship. It can be a tool that can help you achieve big things together. 

One reason I feel so strongly about this is because when I started Couple Money years ago, we definitely had some things we needed help on! 

The Awkward Moment

Have you ever had an awkward conversation with your spouse? 

I have. 

We had just gotten engaged. We were thrilled and excited about getting married. 

As we were talking with friends who were happily married for years, one topic that kept coming up was money. 

"How are you guys going to handle the money?"

Honestly we thought it would be a breeze. We're both broke, I was a working college kid and my fiance had his job post graduation. 

So we decided we'd get together one night and look at our numbers. 

Oh boy. 

Our views on debt, savings, and investing were completely . 

We were about to start off our marriage with over $30,000 of debt and no plan

We knew that if we wanted to succeed, we needed to work together on this. 

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Tackling Money Together Shouldn't Be Hard (BTH It is Sometimes )

While we were digging out of debt, I started searching online for information and tips on personal finance.

I've found some great resources on the essential financial stuff, but I noticed a big gap - none of it seemed tailored for couples. 

Listen, getting a budget going is a challenge on its own, but there's another layer to things when you're married.

You both need to be on board. 

And I couldn't find any place that got into those nitty gritty details and situations like: 

  • How do you get your spouse to actually stick with the budget?
  • Should we lend money to family?
  • How do you work together on debt when you can't agree on the method? 

We couldn't find it, so I opened about our conversations about money and more here on Couple Money. 

And guess what? 

As we shared our journey to dumping debt, other couples chimed in with their wins, struggles, and advice. 

Our community has grown through the years, but we're still positive and focused on helping one another dump that debt and have more options. 

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Elle Martinez truly challenged me with thought provoking questions that made me think hard about my goals and my overall financial path.

My conversations with my wife about our family goals are going to dig much deeper going forward.

Andy Hill 

Handy Tool Kits, Not Hard and Fast Rules 

To me, personal finance is personal. 

Even though we cover handy tool, tactics, and strategies for spouses working together on their money, there is no one right solution for all couples.

Some of us have kids, some don't. 

Some of our spouses or kids have health issues, including chronic ones. Maybe our parents or in-laws are living with us. 

While there are certainly key principles that can make a huge difference, we all have to carve out our own path. 

My goal is to give you apps, ideas, and resources that you can add your personal marriage and money tool kit. 

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If you two have a busy schedule and need help getting your money squared away, then you should grab my free Couple Money Toolkit.

Get the best tools and apps to make managing your money easier and less stressful! 

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I interview financial experts, renowned journalists, and real life couples who have done extraordinary things with their money such as:

     - paid off six figures of debt,
     - overcame financial infidelity,
     - started a business together, and
     - retired early!

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