I always enjoy sharing new voices on Couple Money

Every couple has their own way of handling their finances and I think it makes the site stronger to have these different voices.

Since I receive too many emails about guest posting to respond to individually, I created this page to address the frequently asked questions and scenarios.

Sponsored vs Guest Post

My first priority is to my readers and podcast listeners. I love connecting them to companies, services, and sites that can be helpful for them.

To make sure things are squared away, I vet before I publish any content.

Free Guest Post

Based on my workload and schedule, I have one spot a month for one guest post. If you want to inquire about writing one, please email me with three pitches.

If you want to increase your chances of being published, please take the time to review Couple Money to get a feel for what's helpful for the community.

I will review it weekly and reach it out if your guest post is a good fit for the site.

Sponsored Post Guidelines

If you're a financial company looking to connect with an engaged audience, I have sponsored post opportunities available.

I charge a reasonable fee to cover expenses and time (vetting and working with your team to create engaging and relevant content).

Please email me for my media kit and set up a time to discuss possible partnerships.

General Guidelines for Posts

I retain full editorial and approval rights, including removing and/or substituting links.

I also want to note that this site is FTC compliant with disclosures.

  1. Your posts should be well-written, original, and should not have been previously published elsewhere.
  2. While there is no specific requirement in guest post length, I do expect a submitted guest post to sufficiently cover a particular topic. My suggestion? Your guest post should be at least 700 words.
  3. Poorly written content will be passed on.
  4. For your first-time guest post, you're allowed one link in a short bio. Your site's name will be used for the bio link, not keywords. Note: Since I have read each post before publishing, I may include an appropriate link or two within the post, but it is up to my discretion. Please don't make requests.
  5. Please send articles in html or in a Word document.
  6. Articles should be related to personal finance, career/entrepreneurship, or balancing marriage with your finances. I do appreciate posts on lifestyle design, but I'm looking for concrete tips, not just ‘follow your passion'.
  7. Couple Money has a very specific audience. If you're looking for a broader personal financial site, then you may want to submit your submission for my other financial site – My Financial Reviews.

You can email me if you have any additional questions.

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