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Wells Fargo Debit Rewards – Redeem Before They Expire

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We almost missed out on some ‘free' money. Usually as we sort through the mail we ignore junk mail and skim over letters that look like automated credit card, bonus insurance, or financial offers from our bank.

Before throwing away one I letter I checked it out to see what the offer it was sharing. It turns out that my husband had points from Wells Fargo's Rewards for Debit Card program. He has until July 31, 2012 to claim a reward.

Which Wells Fargo Reward to Choose?

The fun part now is to decide how to spend the rewards. He has two choices that look pretty good:

Yeah, it's not that my husband will have money to burn, but it's a nice chunk of money that he can have some real fun with. Who doesn't want to cash in their picket?

However, my pick would be getting the gift card to score an additional $25. If you check out the Wells Faro reward redemption site, there are plenty of options. My husband can split the gift card rewards among a couple of stores or he can use it on one place.

We'll see which one he picks 🙂

Just so you know I'm no slacker in the getting free department with our family, I just won a $20 gift card from Funancials. Yea!

Keep Your Wells Fargo Points With a Transfer

Since we had fee money laying around, I wanted to get the word out in case you may have some rewards that need to be redeeemed with Wells Fargo.

If you have a credit card with Wells Fargo or if you have a line of credit with them that can earn rewards, you may want to call to have them at 1-888-246-1584 and have the points transferred to that other account.

According to the letter, transfers will occur within 1 to statement cycles from August 1, 2012, when the debit card rewards ends.

If you don't redeem or transfer the points you've earned will be forfeited, so you may want to see if you can claim a reward.

Thoughts on Wells Fargo Debit Rewards

How many of you have debit or credit cards with rewards? If you're a Wells Fargo customer, have you redeemed your points yet? What did you use them for?

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