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Unautomate Your Finances Review

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Today Adam Baker from Man Vs Debt is releasing his first financial guide, Unautomate Your Finances. I've had the pleasure of reading the guide and wanted to share and review some of my thoughts on the book.

Unautomate Your Finances Overview

Unautomate Your Finances is packed with a lot of information. It flows from motivation on getting your finances organized and educating you on having a system to teaching doable actions that can get your finances in line with your values. Here's how it's broken down:


Baker's new guide is out!

Automation – Good or Bad?

First off, this a great guide and Baker goes into depth with finances and getting to a point of where you are working towards your goals and ideal life. Many people equate automating finances as a solution, but Baker points out it may be only a quick fix.

As someone who automates much our finances, I found this notion intriguing. After all automation helped me pay off my credit cards, helped us pay off the car loan, and was a big part of having a down payment for our place. I'm couldn't believe Baker was going in that direction, but I trust him and I read the guide with an open mind.

I found that Baker addresses this issue head on in the first section and he explains how automation is merely a tool and not the solution. He gets into the core of his unautomation principles (consciousness, sustainability, and focus) and shows how it's much better than just automating.

Reading through I saw how working through this concepts with specific actions leads to a simplified and effective way of handling your money. I love his action plans and I think many people will be like me and trying out to see what works best.

Unautomate Your Finances Bonus Stuff

Unautomate Your Finances includes more than just the  80+ paged guide. Baker has really put together some great bonuses for those who want the guide.

Who is This Guide For?

If you are struggling with finances or you want to optimize your system, this guide is a must read. I'm reviewing and using the Application section of the guide to clean our financial system. I think we've automated our finances well, but we could do a better job on being more aware of our miscellaneous spending.

Your Take

If you grabbed a copy of the guide, please share your thoughts on it in the comments!

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