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Made an Appointment for Updating Our Wills

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I mentioned last weekend that I enjoyed reading other personal finance blogs. Besides picking up new tips and getting a sneak peek on how others handle their money, it can also be motivating. This week reading a post about Emily's goals on My Journey to Millions.

2012 Financial Goals and Progress

Earlier this year I gave our financial goals for 2012; they included:

How are we doing so far on these goals? Let's break it down: 

Pay down the student loan. I've been updating here about how we're finding ways to cut back and earn a bit more to put towards the student. It's like a game and it's helped us to slowly whittle way at the student loan balance.

Purchase a family car. After savings for awhile, we shopped around and found a family car that we bought this spring. We were able to meet our goals and didn't have to take out a car loan.

Prepare for the unexpected. This goal had stalled. I updated my life insurance coverage and we picked guardians should something happen to both of us, but we hadn't updated our wills. After reading Emily's post and having Evan encourage me (lol-thanks!) I made an appointment with a lawyer to sit down and discuss what we would like to have included with our will and other documents.

To find the right lawyer I want to the NC bar site and used their referral service (after checking to make sure the lawyer had a good record). We're gathering all our information for the appointment and we can't wait to check off this goal from our list.

Thoughts on Financial Goals

I'd love to hear from you. How are you doing on your goals for the year? What do you still need to tackle?

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