book review

What’s the Best Way to Teach Kids About Money?

If you’re a parent looking to deepen (or just start) your conversations about money with your kids, then The Opposite of Spoiled should be your next book to pick up. It’s the latest release from NY Times columnist Ron Lieber who has extensively covered families and finances. If you haven’t read any of his previous work […]

How Much Money Do You Need to Retire?

I’ve written how I had gotten a ballpark figure before, using financial calculators and basing assumptions on averages and historical data. I still believe it’s better to have some goal for how much to save than to just go without a plan. However, if you can get smarter with your target number, than go for […]

Do You Have a Money Action Plan?

This week on My Financial Reviews, I was giving my take on a new book released last month, Your 33 Day Money Action Plan from Nathan W. Morris. Basically I recommended it as a book to grab if you’re looking at meaningfully changing your finances relatively quickly. I wanted to share how a money action plan can help you […]