How to Build a Budget That Actually Works for You

If 2020 has proved anything, it’s that we need to have a budget that actually works. Today we’ll dive in to see how you two can build a budget that fits you and your goals! Build a Better Budget Together I think a lot of people can appreciate why budgets matter because now more than […]

4 Key Areas to Review and Reset Your Money!

Not happy with how things are going this year with your finances or are you ready to kick things up a notch? Here are four key areas to review and reset your finances!  This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my full disclosure for more info.  Financial Reviews and Resets The year can slip […]

How to Budget on a Teacher’s Salary

Teaching is a noble profession and those who work hard to teach and advocate for their students should be respected. I have several members of my family and friends who are educators, so I’ve seen some of the behind the scenes work they do. They typically put more hours in than what their contract says […]