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The Couple Money Guide to Building Your Emergency Fund

Having a big financial cushion is a great money goal for couples. Learn how you two can work together to build your emergency fund quickly! There are plenty of Americans who don’t have any savings. One recent survey found that 56% of American adults couldn’t cover a $1,000 emergency. That’s a scary situation to be […]

How to Use Your Tax Refund to Boost Your Wealth

Now that we’re beginning to settle into the new house, it’s time to get some bookkeeping done. Besides getting our new family budget up, we also have to finish up and submit our tax return. It looks like we’re getting a little bit of a refund. As with every year, we want to make the […]

The Smart Way to Build Your Emergency Fund

Most people know having some savings is a smart money move, but don’t have enough stashed away. Learn the smart way to build and grow your emergency fund! How to Build and Grow Your Emergency Fund Having a financial cushion is a goal of many families as they are building their finances. Emergency funds are essential […]

Why You Need a Starter Emergency Fund NOW

What would you do if you were hit with an unexpected $1,000 bill? Learn how you can protect yourselves with a starter emergency fund!  What would you do if you guys were hit with an emergency? How big does it have to be before your budget breaks? $100? $500? $1000? More? This weekend we had […]

Paying Off Debts – Before or After Saving?

How do you know whether you should have some money saved up before you pay off debts? If you do save first, how much is enough? The answer can be difficult to decide because each one of us has different financial circumstances. Besides the numbers, the two of you may have different ideas on how […]

Why You Need an Emergency Fund (And How It Saved Us)

We were reminded this month the importance of having an emergency fund (financial cushion if your prefer). Thankfully no true emergency happened, but we were slammed with several bills and expenses. Timing is Everything (Especially with Money) Sometimes it’s not the bills that throw you off, it’s the timing of them. Let me show you. […]

10 Ways for Couples to Master Their Money

One of the most powerful tools you have to tackle and master your finances is not some fancy calculator or new app, but your spouse. You two are in this journey together and that means using this opportunity not just increase your net worth, but to actually becoming closer. 10 Ways to Build Your Wealth […]

Making Sure Your Family Financial Goals Fit You

While there is a ton of advice out there about how to pay down debt, save more, buy a house, and start a family, not all of it is good. I’m a big believer that personal finance is well, personal. Sure there are some guiding principles that are behind the successes, but a big key […]