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Family and Financial Freedom: What You Need to Know

Millennial money expert and author Grant Sabatier takes you through his journey of financial independence and shares the big wins on how you can get on the path of financial freedom as a family! Get on the Path to Financial Freedom It’s almost the end of January, how are things going for you? Over at our free […]

How to Double Your Savings Rate

Today we’re looking at how you can double your savings rate while still enjoying this summer! Double Your Savings (and Still Have a Life)! This week in the community newsletter I asked a question – can you really save half your income? Think about that for a second. Why is this important? Whether you’re paying […]

How to Save Half Your Income

Saving half of your income seems impossible, but it can be done. Here are the best strategies to save more without living like a monk! Are you ready to go big this year with your money? How about saving half your income? Sounds crazy, but it’s doable. The masterminds behind Stacking Benjamins want to show […]

How to Quit Your Jobs And Pursue Financial Freedom

Dream of quitting your job, but worried about your finances? Learn how one couple pursued their dreams of financial freedom!  Quitting Their Jobs for Financial Independence September is here which means this week we’re nailing down what we like to do before 2018 closes out. We have two big things on our list – finishing […]

The Secret to Giving Yourselves More Options (with Money & Life)!

Tired of living paycheck to paycheck? Learn how you two can have more options with your money and lives!  More Options with Money As we wrap this year up, I’m going over the interviews we’ve had and I wanted to address a misconception or I guess fear is a better word that I’ve heard from people […]

Early Retirement? Maybe Not So Extreme…

It’s been pretty quiet over here with our finances recently. Once we bought the car, we’ve been building up our car fund a bit (to cover our current cars’ maintenance costs). Our finances have been automated so we’re continuing to pay down the student loan and the mortgage while contributing to our retirement accounts. I’ve been using the last month […]

Financial Freedom as a Couple

‘Financial Independence’ and ‘Financial Freedom’ are popular phrases on the internet, but what exactly does that mean? More importantly, what does that mean to you? What is Financial Freedom? It takes some reflection and it takes time to answer questions that you may have about financial freedom. Some people define financial freedom by their net […]