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House Hunters: Home Buying Tips

Today we’re going over home buying tips so you can snag a great deal on your dream house!  What You Need to Know About Buying a House This summer is wrapping up, but things are about to get busier for us.  My mom was recently offered a job in the area and so she’s asked […]

Why You Need a House Fund

Are the costs of owning a home breaking your budget? Learn how you quickly and easily start a house fund! Buying a house is typically one of the most expensive purchases we ever make. Right now the median price for a home sold in the United States is $226,300. If you live in cities like […]

Are You Ready to Buy a House?

Are you house hunting or about to start? Today I’ll share four crucial steps you need to take to not only be ready to buy a house but still have money leftover to enjoy it!  Saving for a House? Here’s How You Need to Financially Prep For many couples, buying a home is a huge milestone. It’s probably […]

How to Buy the Right House for You

Are you house hunting or about to start? Learn how you can buy the right house for you and your budget.  Before he became a financial coach, Jon White was in many ways like some of his clients. He was enjoying his life, finances were alright as he wasn’t spending extravagantly. As years passed, some of […]