Real Estate

Real estate investing can be a way to build up a passive income, but is it the right move for you? Learn about some of the different options you have and what you need to discuss before jumping in!

New Home Expenses: What We Spent, What We Saved

It’s been quiet here because we’ve been busy with the new townhouse and we had guests in town this weekend. This past Friday we moved into our new place and we’re loving it so far. We’ve been working hard to get this feeling more like our home than just an all white generic house on […]

Mortgages: How Amortization Works And Why It Matters

Looking to buy a house? Learn how to keep your mortgage affordable by understanding how amortization works! What is Amortization for Mortgages? Are you two looking at buying a house in the near future? Chances are pretty high you’d like to keep your mortgage affordable. One of the best ways to prepare is understand the ins and […]

Homeowner Bills: Moving and Settling In

We’re moving along with getting the house ready for us. Since we gave our 60 days notice to the leasing office at the apartment, we’re not in a rush this time for the move. We’ve been moving some of the smaller boxes over the last week into the new place that was still packed up. […]

Don’t Buy a House Just for the $8,000 Tax Credit!

I have been a homeowner for less than a week and I’m already mad. While we were looking at places to buy we were given much advice, some good, some benign, and some just plain bad. Bad Home Buying Advice to Avoid The bad advice was from people who weren’t homeowners repeating things they’ve heard about […]

Operation Apartment Deal Hunting

I’m happy to report a big win with our rental apartment situation – we got a deal with a new place! This will allow us to save a little more and a lot of stress while we sort this house situation. Long story short, the deal for a house we were buying fell through due […]

Calculate Your Down Payment Fund With Zillow

We have been planning on buying a house since we got married, but before we start looking at homes we want to have our finances in a good spot. We also know we need to get a good down payment for the place. How Much How House Can We Afford? First, though, we needed to […]

Mortgages and Interest Rates

We’re in the process of buying a town house (met with another mortgage broker last week) and we’re trying to be as informed as we possibly can. Hunting for a Better Mortgage Interest Rate This weekend while we were out of town,  I was looking up information about mortgages and reading paperwork from the bank […]