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Running Couple Money has been a fantastic ride so far. In the past five years since I began this site, so much has happened both online and offline, including:

I hope we get to share more in the next few years. One of my favorites parts about the site is publishing a new post and hearing from you, both in the comments and emails. You have motivated me to continue and I've learned quite a bit on how to optimize our own finances. Thank you so much much for giving your time; I really appreciate it!

Learning and Growing with Couple Money

I started writing here to have a place to discuss working together to build their finances. There are a lot of stories out there about how money can divide couples so I wanted a place to encourage couples to use money to bring them together and how they can reach their goals.

If you look at some of my first posts, there  had some good advice, but I soon realized that managing money is more than just the numbers. As went through several changes and as you shared your stories, my posts started to reflect what I was learning – that open and honest communication was vital, but it can be tricky for those starting out.

When Couple Money celebrated its first year, I hosted a giveaway and it's become a tradition.  I wanted to make sure this year's was bigger and better for the community.

5th Anniversary Cash and Tablet Giveaway

To prepare for this year, I asked readers like you to give me their thoughts on what prizes they'd like to see for the giveaway. It was close, but the majority asked to have a cash prize and so for the fifth anniversary, I'm giving away $250 (through Paypal) and a tablet!

One of my favorite tablets is the Nexus 7 so I'm giving away one! For those not familiar with the Nexus 7, here are some features:

  • Vibrant 1080p HD: You can read text that’s sharper than the printed page, see images more vivid than the highest quality photo magazine, and watch videos come to life.
  • Lightweight and Mobile: At just 0.64lbs (290g), the all-new Nexus 7 is light enough to take anywhere you need to go.
  • Long Battery Life: With up to 9 hours of HD video playback and 10 hours of web browsing or e-reading.

I know that some of you are looking for ways to expand your income with a paying hobby or side business so I hope you can use the tablet to stay on top of that.

How to Enter the Couple Money Giveaway

If you're currently a subscriber to the Couple Money newsletter, then you already received an entry for both prizes. Thank you for your support!

If you haven't signed up, please join the community and subscribe  Couple Money’s Newsletter. You can decide if you want to get posts as soon as they're published or you can get the weekly edition. It’s an easy way to receive  free tips on cutting expenses, building your net worth, and get free goodies through out the year.

Cash and Tablet

The cash prize is only for newsletter subscribers. I write here for you as much as for us and I know personally that it is a commitment to keep up with the posts, so I want to have a specific prize for community members. I hope you use the money to take care some of the goals we talk about here on Couple Money – paying down debt, saving, starting a side business, or investing. How you use the money is completely up to you, so just have fun.

The tablet is a more wider contest. Besides newsletter subscribers receiving an entry, there are several ways you can  boost your chances of winning it I love to share what money topics matter to you the most, so I thought the tablet entries can be a handy way to have some fun with the contest. All you have to do is:

  • Follow me on Twitter and send a tweet out with your favorite post on Couple Money
  • Become a Couple Money Fan on Facebook and share your favorite Couple Money post with your friends
  • Pin your favorite Couple Money post on Pinterest

You receive one entry for following Couple Money on each of the sites. For every tweet and share, you also receive get a entry (once per day). Please use the Rafflecopter widget below so I can track all of your entries (and I can contact the winners quickly).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Contest Rules

I hate having disclaimers and rules, so I tried to keep it simple with this giveaway. Please keep in mind:

  • You need to sign up with Couple Money’s Newsletter to be entered for the giveaway.
  • You must be at least 18 years old to enter.
  • Only US and Canada residents are able to win.
  • Cash prize ($250 USD) will be distributed through Paypal only. If the tablet winner is from Canada, I will send the value of the Nexus 7 ($229 USD) through Paypal.
  • Use the Rafflecopter widget on this page to track your entries.
  • Read and follow the instructions carefully. Incomplete entries will be disqualified.

The contest ends Saturday October 4, 2014; no entries will be accepted afterwards. I’ll be drawing the winners on Monday October 6, 2014. The winners have 48 hours to contact me so I can have their prize sent to them.

Thank you again for being a reader and member of the community!

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