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How Can We Buy a House (and Still Pursue Financial Independence)?

Things are about to get hectic around here. We just heard from our neighbor that the developer is going to start building the townhouses across the street from us starting next week. Is Buying a House a Smart Money Move? Here in Raleigh if there’s a sliver of land, they’ll develop it. It’s a hot […]

House Hunters: Home Buying Tips

Today we’re going over home buying tips so you can snag a great deal on your dream house!  What You Need to Know About Buying a House This summer is wrapping up, but things are about to get busier for us.  My mom was recently offered a job in the area and so she’s asked […]

How to Buy the Right House for You

Are you house hunting or about to start? Learn how you can buy the right house for you and your budget.  Before he became a financial coach, Jon White was in many ways like some of his clients. He was enjoying his life, finances were alright as he wasn’t spending extravagantly. As years passed, some of […]

What You Need to Know About Home Inspections

As we get closer to moving to the new place, We’re getting to the fun part – inspections for the house. Since were going from a newly built house to an older home for the next place, we wanted to get a clear picture of what to expect. While a home inspector can not predict the […]

Get Your Money Right Before Buying a House

Today’s post is based on a response to a comment I made on another personal finance blog. With The Debt Movement in full swing, I’ve been stopping by and checking out the site to get motivated and inspired by the debt reduction posts. One post, called, Is Your Goal to Get Out of Debt or […]

Making Sure Your Family Financial Goals Fit You

While there is a ton of advice out there about how to pay down debt, save more, buy a house, and start a family, not all of it is good. I’m a big believer that personal finance is well, personal. Sure there are some guiding principles that are behind the successes, but a big key […]