Carl Richards

How to Get on The Same (Financial) Page

Want to get on the same page with your money? Carl Richards, NY Times money columnist and author, shares tips on to create a one-page financial plan!  Get on The Same Page with Your Finances and Lives If you’ve been in this community for a while, you know our main goal is building your marriage […]

How to Talk About Money (without Starting a Fight)

Need to talk about money, but worried about starting a fight? Carl Richards and I share easy ice breakers and conversation starters to help and your spouse get on the same page with money! How to Talk to Your Spouse About Money While it makes for good TV drama, finding out your spouse has been […]

Becoming the Financial Advisor Every Investor Needs

Over the last few weeks, I’ve become very aware of how important a good financial advisor can be. This past year we’ve had big changes in terms of our finances, with the most visible being selling our townhouse and buying a house closer to downtown. Overall it’s been a blessing as we have seen certain […]

What’s Your One Page Financial Plan?

While I’m a firm believer that couples should have a financial game plan, I don’t think it has to be complicated or tediously detailed. Obsessing over the numbers can be counter-productive as we all have unexpected events happen which can throw our carefully laid plans off. It’s better to have a plan with enough flexibility to […]

Building Your Perfect Investment

Yesterday afternoon Betterment‘s CEO Jon Stein hosted a free webinar with Carl Richards fromĀ BehavioralĀ Gap on 5 steps to overcoming bad behavior and realizing your goals in 2012. I joined in and took notes of the webinar. It had some helpful information that I wanted to pass on here. Understanding Behavior Gaps with Carl Richards In […]