Income Stream: Affiliate Programs

Lately I’ve been sharing how we’ve tried to save money or how we’re trying to plug our money leaks. After some thought, I realized that I wasn’t addressing the other side of the equation – increasing and building our income. I do freelance work online and offline that allows me to work on a more flexible schedule. […]

Is the Monday Through Friday Job Schedule Outdated?

Jobs Schedules That Work – Is it Possible? Like many people, we like to gather several times a year with extended family for a meal and a chance to catch up with each other.  The past few years, the ratio for success in getting us all together is very low but it’s not for lack […]

Entrepreneurship-Focusing on Long Term Career Goals

The last couple of weeks or so have been busy with work. This past week, for example, I was asked if I wanted to extend my temp time into something more permanent. I was surprised and was definately flattered that they thought of me. I was also contacted about doing some work for a project related […]