Invest Smarter, Not Harder: What You Need to Know about Modern Portfolio Theory

Looking for a smarter way to plan for retirement? Nick, Bunker Labs Director, comes on the podcast to answer your biggest investing questions!  Smarter Investing with Modern Portfolio Theory I’ve been writing and (now podcasting) about personal finance and over the years I’ve received plenty of questions about money. One popular topic is retirement. While it […]

Set It & Forget It with Your Retirement?

One tip that I often give to readers here is automating your finances when possible. I’ve seen how we can sometimes be our own worst enemies, especially when stressed out by all the noise out there about the market. Automation has been wonderful for us. It’s how we pay our bills, saved for a house, and paid off […]

Becoming the Financial Advisor Every Investor Needs

Over the last few weeks, I’ve become very aware of how important a good financial advisor can be. This past year we’ve had big changes in terms of our finances, with the most visible being selling our townhouse and buying a house closer to downtown. Overall it’s been a blessing as we have seen certain […]

Investing In Yourself and Your Family

Learn how you can grow your finances with an investment – in yourself. Last week, I wrote a review about the site and answered the question, is it worth it? After using it for a bit more, I realize I was missing a bigger picture. I wasn’t looking at whether I was spending my […]