passive investing

Active vs Passive Investing: How to Figure Out What’s Best for You

One of the first decisions you need to make with investing is figuring out what strategy is best for you. Learn how you can find a system that will help you reach your goals faster!  Whenever people start talking about investing, especially with retirement, a lot of opinions and thoughts get thrown around. I get […]

Finding an Investment Strategy That Works for Us

Every so often it pays to go ahead and review your portfolio. With 2014 over, I spent this week checking up on things to make sure we’re staying on course with our investments. Since I’m looking at our accounts, I thought it might be helpful to explain our process and strategy. Index or Actively Managed […]

Betterment Review

I’ve been looking at different investment options for ourselves and Couple Money readers. After hearing some great things about Betterment, I decided to check them out and do a review.  While getting this review up, I had the pleasure of talking with Betterment VP Alan Cohen on the phone to get some questions answered and […]