3 Smart Ways Your Tax Refund Can Boost Your Wealth

Expecting a tax refund this year? Learn how you can enjoy it now and set yourselves up to build wealth! Want to Get the Most from Your Tax Refund? You can watch this week’s video here or you can read below the highlight and grab some resources to make the most of your tax refund! […]

Take Advantage of Health Care Tax Breaks

Health insurance premiums have increased every year recently for us as our insurance carrier tries to keep up with escalating costs. Price Waterhouse has already estimated an 8.5% increase in costs next year. It may be impossible to escape this increase but there are ways to leverage health care expenses to cut your taxes. Flexible […]

Free Federal Tax Filing Options

Tax Preparation Options I know some people are nervous about filing their own taxes and have limited income, but there are some wonderful and free options for you.  Every year the IRS updates a list which includes sites that allow you to file your federal tax return free. List of Free Federal Tax Filings Please check each […]